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Occupational, Musculoskeletal and Pain Physiotherapist in Sheffield

Physiotherapy, Massage & Pain Clinic

Down2U Approach

We will always do our very best to provide you with the most appropriate advice, treatment and exercises to help yourself. 

We believe that movement is medicine and the body has the capability to heal and improve at any age

With the right clinical guidance, motivation and exercises, you will be on the road to recovery and doing the things that matter. 

We do not shy away from hands on treatment, and we believe it is a great way to help the bodies' ability to heal pain and improve your quality of life.  


What Our Clients Say

Westfield Approved Physiotherapist in Sheffield

'Our ethos is to make a positive health influence on every person we treat'.

Down2U Physiotherapy uses hands on therapy and up to date evidence based treatment for pain. We aim to help you by  education, use the most appropriate hands on treatment  and exercise prescription to gain long lasting results.

Down2U Physiotherapy is the place for you if you have been looking for a Pain Specialist Physiotherapist in Sheffield.  We use a bio-psycho-social wellbeing approach. This approach considers  physical, emotional, mental, and psychological elements that could be causing your ongoing pain. 


 We are accepting new patients.


Opening Hours

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Monday-Thursday: 09:00-18:00
Friday: 09:00-20:00
Sat-Sun: Closed

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