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Christmas 2021 Physiotherapy Tips to help prevent falls and more!

Muscle tension in the neck and shoulders from the cold

The cold is now descending upon us and this will affect our muscle tension, e.g. the shoulders elevated up around our ears and signs of shivering. While these are natural reactions for our body to keep us warm, that tension can cause pain and tightness around the neck and shoulders, which can dampen our spirits over this festive period.

To help counteract this, Do;

1) Wear your scarf or snood when you leave the house or the office,

2) Wear multiple layers when out in the cold so can you remove or add layers depending on how warm or cold you are feeling with what you are doing.

3) At the end of the day, grabbing a hot water bottle or wheat bag around your neck and shoulders, and doing a gentle neck stretch, or even a nice hot bath.

Top tips for staying active over the Christmas season.

Keeping active is going to play a huge part in keeping you feeling fit and mobile, ready for those Christmas lunches, dinners, and parties.

1) Taking stairs when shopping, balance your shopping bags with both hands rather than carrying all the shopping one sided.

2) Get out and enjoy the crisp, clear days with a walk with visiting family and friends

3) Make time for yourself and any exercise routines you have worked so hard to establish this year – taking care of others is the word of the day, but we still need to take time for ourselves as well.

4) If the weather is too extreme or choppy then try to stay indoors and do a Youtube workout, using any equipment in the home for 15-20 minutes.

5) Don’t fall into the trap of letting yourself go for the whole of December and catch up in January, this can cause extra pressure in January and make you prone to injuries. If you can stay consistent with some exercises, it will make that mountain in January not as huge.

Preventing falls and slips outside

The black ice and snowy conditions are inevitable in the upcoming months, with becoming less active and heavier over the Christmas period, our risk of falling can increase, try the following

1) Single leg balance work at home, progressive balance exercises are as follows.

a. Head turns

b. Eyes closed

c. Standing on a cushion

d. Using a ball, playing catch with a friend

NB allow yourself to wobble on your balanced foot, don’t immediately put your foot down, unless you really need to.

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