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It is the automatic human nature to behave like this pain cycle when persistent pain keeps knocking!!

When we feel pain, the first thing to naturally do is reduce activity, within a month of reduced activity, we start to lose fitness, strength and flexibility. Due to not expending as much energy as being active, sleeping can becomes restless. We start to feel irritable, stressed and frustrated with the pain and our activity levels. With regular medication, there could be the added side effect of tummy pain, constipation, drowsiness and fatigue.

The next thing we feel is weight gain from not exercising as much, constipation and stress. Pain starts to effect our confidence and mental health, worries about our capabilities to work and make our relationships work with loved ones.

Which all in turn contributes to pain.

It is a cycle, so once the rhythm is broken, you generally CAN get out of this vicious cycle. Hopefully this can help you identify whether you are contributing to your pain experience.

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