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About Adam Siu

MCSP     HCPC       MSc      BSc (HONS)      ACOPHE       FCP


I am a Sheffield Physiotherapist and the Director of Down2U Physiotherapy since 2022, a registered Physiotherapist with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and a member of The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).  After completing a BSc degree in Sport Science and Physiology at The University of Leeds, I went on to complete a MSc in Physiotherapy at The Leeds Metropolitan University. I currently work as a Pain specialist and First Contact Physiotherapist (FCP) in GPs, which keeps my skills and clinical knowledge up to date with screening and ruling out sinister problems that present as Musculoskeletal pain. I treat and assess acute/sudden/short term pain, less than 3 months of onset, but my special interest and other role is in chronic pain by helping people improve their quality of life whilst weaning off long term pain medication (monitored by their GPs). 

Previously, I was the Force Physiotherapist for South Yorkshire Police for the last 9 years, along with working in professional Rugby Super-league teams including  Sheffield Eagles and Castleford Tigers.  I have gained extensive experience working with musculoskeletal problems revolving around Professional sport, Occupational health, Gym users, Cross-fitters, Runners, Weekend warriors.

Through my experience of working with chronic pain patients, most cannot be treated with A&E emergency care or invasive surgery, or standard stand alone treatments, such as pain medication or strength conditioning or stretching. 

I have developed The Down2U pain programme which specialises in helping people who have been suffering with chronic pain to improve their independence and quality of life.

I am offering a free 15 minute consultation on how Down2U Physiotherapy can help you. 

Adam's hobbies outside of Physiotherapy include fell and road running, 5s, 7s and 11 aside football and Crossfit which include Olympic lifting (e.g. Snatch, Clean and Jerk) with gymnastic elements (e.g. handstand walking, muscle ups). 

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