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Occupational Injury

Some of the most common workplace injuries include:

  • Slips — Slipping or tripping on liquids or objects in the workplace accounts for many occupational injuries.

  • Repetitive stress injuries — Working for too long without breaks, especially if your job is physically demanding, can cause repetitive stress injuries. This includes typing or sitting for long periods of time too, so desk workers should be wary of these types of injuries as well.

  • Vehicle-related injuries — Some jobs require employees to operate vehicles. This includes on the public road as well as operating smaller vehicles in warehouses. Accidents can occur when operating any of these vehicles, and physiotherapists can aid in your recovery.

  • Machinery-related injuries — If you work with machinery, you may be at risk of injury from moving parts or projectiles launched from the equipment.


Chronic Pain Occupational Therapy

Getting injured on the job is stressful because it not only impedes your ability to work, but impacts your personal life as well. You take job injuries home with you, making it difficult to enjoy your favourite activities. 

Fortunately, most companies have policies in place that help protect injured workers so they can get the care they need. In many cases, that care involves physical therapy. If you've been injured at work, you should seek occupational injury treatment from Down2U Physiotherapy.


Workplace injuries often occur due to stress, overexertion, slips and falls. Other injuries build up slowly over time as a result of repetitive use or poor posture. Either way, physiotherapy can help.

Down2U Physiotherapy are trained and experienced in rehabilitating the musculoskeletal system. Whether due to trauma or overuse, we can help by strengthening your muscles and ligaments and regaining mobility to help improve your quality of life and get you back to work.

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