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Arthritis Action - UK Charity

Down2U have partnered with Arthritis Action - UK charity to help people living with Arthritis. Arthritis Action is the UK charity giving hands-on, practical help to improve the quality of life of people affected by arthritis. We offer an integrated self-management approach, which looks at both the physical and mental health impact of living with arthritis. We support people living with musculoskeletal conditions through healthy eating advice, mental health resources, pain management techniques, Online Groups, and exercise advice and resources.


If you are a member of Arthritis Action, you can receive 2 subsidised treatment session to start getting you back on your feet.


Please contact Arthritis Action to let them know you want to receive treatment from Down2U Physiotherapy, and they will approve your treatment.


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Self Help Resources

Follow the link to gain access to self-help techniques 

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