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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is now considered a disease all on its own due to the impact it has, and World Health Organisation (WHO) has advanced recognition and treatment of chronic pain with two classifications: chronic primary and secondary pain.

Chronic pain is having persistent pain for more than 12 weeks and it impacts your lifestyle (reduced work ability and/or reduced social activities)

Chronic pain used to be defined as “pain that persists past normal healing time,” which means it no longer serves its physiological purpose as an alarm system to let you know something is wrong. This definition worked for post-injury or post-surgical pain, but not for chronic neuropathic or musculoskeletal pains.

Primary pain is when there is no other chronic condition contributing to the pain, e.g. non-specific lower back pain. 

Secondary pain is when you have another chronic condition contributing to the pain e.g. lower back pain due to kidney stones

Physical Therapist

Chronic Pain Physiotherapy Halfway, Sheffield

At Down2U Physiotherapy we specialise in Chronic Pain assessment and treatment. When Pain has persisted for such a long time, you may have multiple areas of pain such as muscle with joint and nerve compromise.   Causes can come from many factors from the physical, social and psychological contributions. 

We pride ourselves at looking at the WHOLE body and the wider health picture, in other words, we believe in treating the cause and not only the symptoms.


We believe that there is always something that can be offered to help with Chronic Pain, and treating all contributing factors to pain is super important.  

There is 1:1 or Group based Chronic pain programmes.

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