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10 Facts every person should know about back pain

1) Persistent pain is scary - but rarely dangerous

2) Getting older is not a cause of back pain

3) Persistent pain is not associated with serious damage

4) Scans rarely shows the cause of back pain

5) Pain with exercises does not equal harm

6) Back pain is not caused by bad posture

7) Back pain is not cause by weak core

8) Backs do not wear out due to loading and movement

9) Flare ups does not mean damage

10) Injections, medication and surgery usually are not a cure of back pain

Understanding pain and Medication

Have you been taking opiate based medication for a long time?

Ted Talk from Pain Professor Lorimer Moseley

Great Ted talk to explain why things hurt longer than they should!

Understanding pain 

Summary of how pain works in less than 5 minutes and what to do about it.

Chronic Pain Cycle

A summary of how pain can cause to fall into a pain cycle

Box Breathing

Improving your breathing can help with stress, anixety and calming pain signals

Great Talk from Prof Steve Peters  - How to take full control of your Mind

Can you relate to the Chimp and it's reaction to pain?

Can you bring the 'Human' to control the Chimps reaction to pain?

The pain programme tries to make the 'computer' take charge when fearful movement usually triggers pain.

What is Acceptance commitment Therapy (ACT)?

Summary of what ACT is....

Great interview and real life patient stories about their Chronic back pain journeys 

Debunking myths on back pain treatment

Desensitise the brain to De-sensitise your chronic pain.

Dr. Andrea Furlan talks about how central sensitisation contribute to persistent pain, and recommends ways to eliminate chronic pain

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT?)

Summary of what CBT is...

MRI scans are great, but not for chronic back pain.

When should you do an MRI?

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