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Down2u Work & Pain Solutions

Gym Equipments

Hello, thank you for visiting this page to find out more about our Work & Pain Solutions. We are EXCITED to announce a PROFESSIONAL and totally UNIQUE Work & Pain Solutions that is FIRST of its kind.

The whole aim is to help people OVERCOME the effects of their long term physical health and  persistent chronic pain.  Through Functional Rehabilitation, people can return to an active life which may involve work.

The course will provide you with life time strategies to help you succeed in becoming and staying active in your social and work activities, for the long term.

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A course that will help you overcome your pain for the long-term 

The Down2U Work & Pain Solutions is designed to help people who cannot access first class private Occupational, MSK and Chronic Pain Specialist Physiotherapy and Health interventions that will help improve their quality of life and pain levels, by using functional and work outcomes.  

The programme is structured around Functional rehabilitation and the NICE 2023 (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) guidelines on how to BEST manage chronic pain (as described in the video). 

At the end of the course, participants will LEARN about pain and UNDERSTAND what and how to OVERCOME their pain. 

You will become physically and mentally resilient to deal with pain flare ups and CONFIDENTLY tackle fearful daily movements for the LONG TERM.

Successful stories are available below, also check out our Instagram page   'Down2u_Physio' to see how people are overcoming their pain.

You can self-refer without GP referral by sending name and contact details to:

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