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Are you experiencing the following:

1)    leg pain in 1 or 2 of your legs

2)      pins and needles, numbness or tingling in your legs +/- feet

3)       foot drop

4)       reduced strength in your legs

5)      your legs don't feel like yours

6)      your body is shifted to one side

7)     pain in sitting, standing, walking or bending


We can help!!

Sciatic pain can really effect us on a daily basis, where even no movement to the smallest movements like bending down, reaching to the right or left can cause intense, sharp and shooting pains. When you experience this pain, you may start to guard and move more protected, just like a captain hook; you may notice you are moving your leg as one stiff leg rather than bending and walking naturally. This type of behaviour is very normal and expected when we have pain, but this may be contributing to your chronic sciatic nerve pain.

At Down2U Physiotherapy we:

  1.       take an in depth assessment of what is causing your sciatic nerve pain

  2.        help you understand why you are in pain       

  3.        improve your movement in your back and legs immediately,

  4.       teach you techniques how to improve your sciatic nerve pain for the long term

We pride ourselves in providing expert hands on treatment alongside self-care education to give you the confidence and ability to continue improvements outside the clinic environment.  


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