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Knee Pain Treatment

One of the top 3 pain spots after lower back and neck pain. 

Knee pain can be a result of trauma, injuring either the ligaments (such as ACL) or the cartilage (meniscus). There is usually a particular event that would have triggered this type of injury, whether it is sport or falling and twisting the knee going over a pot hole. 

Medical reasons could cause knee pain, such as  Gout, Inflammatory arthritis, Osteoarthritis and infections. This kind of knee pain can start gradually and become more constant.

Knee symptoms can vary in location and severity depending on cause of the problem. Signs and symptoms that sometimes accompany knee pain include:

1) Swelling and stiffness

2) Redness and Warmth to the touch

3) Weakness or Instability

4) Popping an crunching noises 

5) Inability to fully straighten the knee

Joint Pain

Chronic Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain can really effect us on a daily basis, where even no movement to the smallest movements like walking, twisting, bending or straightening can cause intense and sharp pains. When you experience this pain, you may start to guard and limp, just a like a Captain Hook; you may notice you are keeping your knee straight instead of bending your knee. This type of behaviour is very normal and expected when we have pain, but this may be contributing to your prolonged knee pain.

At Down2U Physiotherapy we:

  1.       take an in depth assessment of what is causing your knee pain

  2.        help you understand why you are in pain       

  3.        improve your movement in your knee immediately,

  4.       teach you techniques how to improve your knee pain for the long term

We pride ourselves in providing expert hands on treatment alongside self-care education to give you the confidence and ability to continue improvements outside the clinic environment.  

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